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Frequently Asked Question

New to FlourVillage? Have a general question? Take a moment to read through our FAQ’s and you may find your answer.

NB: These questions do not apply to wedding cakes.

Yes we work with the client and come up with some thing that best suits their needs.

We deliver to the CBD and Westlands environs for free, any other location will incur a charge depending on distance.

Yes you have to pay a 50% deposit so as to guarantee your order.

No. Currently we only accept cash payment.

You can pay cash or through Mpesa (we are currently getting a paybill number)

Estimate how many guests will be attending your celebration, then visit our Sizes and portions section (Click here) please keep in mind all of our serving  sizes are suggestions, and generous portions at that.

Flour village general rule is a minimum of one week prior to your celebration. Depending on the size and design of the cake it is advisable to order in good time, however we can make exceptions dependent on our schedule and type and size of cake.

Last minute orders may incur an extra charge.

You can either fill in the form on our website (click here) or make a call and someone will assist you.

As mentioned above we are home-based bakery in Westlands area.

No. We are a custom-order bakery, which means we only make what our clients order. On occasion, we may have a spur-of-the-moment treat available however we appreciate you giving us a call before stopping by.

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For further questions please email us on or call us on +254721 972 522





Monday – Saturday, 9:00am-5:00pm